Rear view of coach listening and looking Asian young woman is sadness about their problem

One area of my Hypnosis clinic that gives me so much satisfaction is the Teen and Young Adult sessions.  I’m not sure we all realize exactly how much stress that 12-21 year olds are experiencing due to school-related matters.  Whether it be writing tests or exams,  understanding the subject matter, and getting their homework done to issues related to bullying, body image,  self-doubts, depression and even feeling lost, hypnosis can help right the ship.  It can also provide more clarity in terms of  future career, healthy lifestyle, and relationship issues and orientation. 

I believe that because young people usually have such vivid imaginations and such an openness to change, that they are typically super-receptive to positive suggestions.  They tend to work hard, play hard, and have a curiosity that hypnosis can tap into. If these are not there in large doses, I can help develop or enhance these.  Remember, any package purchased, these sessions are available to all family members who may also want to make positive changes in life. 

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