There is a Golden Rule when it comes to hypnosis: You cannot hypnotize somebody to do what they don’t want to do.

So while it might LOOK like the people on that stage are being made to do what the hypnotist wants them to do, that is simply false. The hypnotist merely makes suggestions and then the “volunteers” who WANT to follow that instruction DO. The ones who don’t DON’T. This is why it must first be a group of volunteers.  This way, the hypnotist knows in advance that they are predisposed to want to do silly things. But as the suggestions become gradually more and more embarrassing, awkward and then even downright warped, more of the volunteers are removed until finally it becomes a “Survivor-like” reality show between a few remaining participants.  It might LOOK like the others couldn’t be hypnotized. But the truth is, they simply couldn’t bring themselves to go that far.  Again, you can’t hypnotize someone to do what they don’t want to do. 

Now the main reason for explaining this is for you to now see just how safe New You Hypnosis is.  There is no  suggestion I could offer you that you’d do if it didn’t fit into our work together.  If I suggested you do a dance for me, or bark like a dog, you’d probably say something like, “Matt!! Are you freaking serious? Why would I do that?” Then you’d leave.  And I’d lose my business. So yes, you are safe, and are in total control at all times.   And you can audio record all your sessions on the Voice Recorder App on your phone.

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