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Whether its Quitting Smoking for GOOD, Losing Weight and Keeping it Off, or Easing Depression, and Lifting your Anxiety & Negativity, come see what Matt Bloom can do for you to help get you to a Healthier & Happier place. 

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Choose from a variety of packages, all of which are exclusively designed for each individual’s custom needs. Rather than turning to psychotherapists and psychiatrists, Matt instead looks FORWARD with you, rather than backward.

Each program is customized in a very personal way to each individual.

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Quit Smoking through Hypnosis in Oshawa

A powerful and life-changing 5-session program that removes not only the physical cravings, but also the emotional relationship.

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Lose Weight Through Hypnosis in Oshawa

A 5,10,15, or 30-week program that will take you on a journey to your goal weight, and MAINTAINING that goal weight.


Anxiety & Negativity Relief through Hypnosis in Oshawa

A 5, 10, 15, or 30-week program which takes you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, confidence, positivity and peace of mind.

Matt’s passion is quite simple…To help make your life better!

After an exciting career in Airline Management as a Trouble-Shooter, and using his natural abilities to calm situations and find solutions, Matt found Hypnosis through a series of traumatic losses and subsequent depression himself. Now, Matt commits his life to helping individuals and families find solutions to any number of life issues.



You are NOT:

  • Put to Sleep
  • Brainwashed
  • Mind-Controlled
  • Quacking like a Duck (Really!)


You ARE:

  • Awake
  • Simply Relaxed
  • Very Comfortable
  • Fully Aware
  • Fully Alert 


Okay. So the first question is, what is the session actually look like? So here’s what it looks like.

Typically, you’d come in for your session, we chat a little bit. I want some updates on how things have been progressing. Any changes that you’ve noticed? You know, just nice to to keep each other up to date. And then at some point, usually ten or 15 minutes in, I’ll tell you that I’ve prepared your session. You relax on my couch, whether you lay down or sit back, you’re simply relaxed and I present to you your session. It’s not conversational. You’re not having to speak at all. You’re simply relaxed. Some people go very, very deep. Most people don’t. Most go, you know, medium deep or somewhat deep. Here’s the truth. It doesn’t matter. As deep as you go is always deep enough.

You know, I work with children as young as nine and ten years old, these kids. And they’re by the way, there’s never been failure with children in my office. This works every time, you know, they’re rolling around like Mexican jumping beans. Half the time they’re peeking and they’re giggling. I’m getting sound effects from the little boys. And yet at the end of the day, it works. So there’s the proof that you don’t need to go deep. This is not meditation. You’re not needing to clear your mind. You’re not being put to sleep. I’m not brainwashing you. You’re not going to be quacking like a duck at any point along the way. You’re simply relaxed. That’s it. It’s very, very simple. And at that point, your subconscious mind becomes super receptive to the positive suggestion.

So when the changes happen, it’s pretty much changing how you’re thinking. It’s like it’s rewiring how you’re thinking, taking the old negative thoughts, the intrusive thoughts, the unhealthy thoughts, the limiting thoughts, and replacing them automatically with newer, healthier, more optimistic, more confident, more empowered thoughts. So really, the sessions are incredibly relaxing, very enjoyable and easy. Great question. Thank you.


So the next question is what do I need to know before coming into my sessions? Even especially the first session, of course. And the answer is you don’t need to know anything.

All I need to know from you is the changes you want to make. Anything in your life, you want to get rid of where you want to go moving forward, the kind of person you want to be, the kind of life you want to live, any goals you want to achieve. Short range, medium range, long range goals, whatever it is, That’s all I need to know from you is the changes you want to make and the goals you’d like to achieve. And then we focus on those with a laser beam focus. These sessions are all very, very customized, very tailored to each individual. There’s never been to a like and that’s after 3400 clients, I can say that. So these sessions are very, very even painstakingly tailored to you, so you don’t need to know anything before you before coming in other than what you feel in your heart.

The changes are that you want to make and the goals you like to achieve. Okay. Thanks so much for the question. Bye bye.

Okay. So next question is how long is a session? So the first session is when I really need to need to get to know you better. We do what I call goal setting, which again goes through the changes you want to make in life, the goals you want to achieve, the type of person you want to be, the kind of life you want to live, the kind of partner, the type of parent, the type of career you like to have, the kind of success you like to enjoy. So that first session, because we do the goal setting first, can go as long as 90 minutes, but every session, every client gets a 45 minute block. About half of that 45 minutes typically is devoted to the eyes closed portion where we do the hypnosis. And by the way, like the previous question answers, you’re not asleep, you’re not in a trance, You’re fully aware, you’re completely alert. It’s not like the old movies and cartoons where it looks like or even though stage shows where it looks like the person is being put into some type of, you know, otherworldly type of place. No, you’re just simply relaxed and yeah, so 45 minutes is your session and the first one is 90.

The next question is, what does it feel like to be hypnotized? Well, it feels really good. That’s the answer. It feels really good. Imagine if you were at home on your couch, maybe in your recliner, laying back, eyes closed, an old movie on in the background that you’re familiar with. You’re not really paying attention to it, but it’s there. You can hear the words, maybe the musical score. It’s soothing. You’re not sleeping. You’re just simply in a relaxed state. And that in that movie or old television show is on in the background. That’s pretty much how it feels being in my office when we do our session. You’re simply relaxed. Like I said in a previous answer, some people go into quite a deep trance, which is nice, but not at all required.

The vast majority of my clients are simply, you know, in a in a normal state of relaxation, whether it’s lightly deep, whether it’s medium deep, some sessions you might go very, very deep, other sessions you might not go very deep. But what it feels like is simply a relaxed state where you can enjoy what you’re hearing. No need to memorize what you’re hearing. You can record all your sessions. By the way, your smartphone has that voice recorder app, the voice memo app. The vast majority of my clients do like to record their sessions to be able to listen to maybe in the privacy of their of their own home or on vacation. So that’s a good question. Thanks for asking that.

Okay. I love this next question. Does it work immediately? Yes. Pretty much is the answer, I do find that it’s rare for a client after a session or two to not already be noticing some shift in how they’re thinking and how they’re behaving. In many cases, people around them close, people around them, whether it’s their partner or, you know, close family, maybe even close friends, are noticing some shift even before the client himself or herself is noticing that shift. But yes, the changes happen very, very quickly.

For some people, it could be very profound and very quick. For others, it could be a little bit slower. But in every case, much, much quicker than typical therapies where they dig into your past and want to hear about your childhood and they psychoanalyze you, I don’t do any of that. I focus only on moving forward where you want to go. I feel that’s much more important than where you’ve been. That’s been my premise in my office for all these years. For that reason, a promise I make to every client that I’ve never broken. I hope, I’ve never broken. I don’t think I have, is that you leave every session feeling better, feeling lighter, feeling more hopeful, feeling more in control, feeling more optimistic, or, you know, a lot of therapies. You leave feeling just completely drained. Not particularly better than when you came in.

You leave every session feeling better than when you came in. So the changes happened very quickly for most people. But certainly once you get to three or four sessions in, it’s almost unheard of to not have my clients coming in reporting that they’re happy seeing the changes, whether the cigarettes are losing their appeal, whether the weight is beginning to come off, whether the anxiety is starting to lift, the depression, starting to lift. It really does come down to, you know, just trusting the process and enjoying the results.

The next question is, do I need multiple sessions? And you know what the answer is? Yes, pretty much every time. You know, for those who come to me with a very, very specific phobia, that can be done in one session, sometimes the second session is very valuable. But in almost every situation, in fact, in every situation, the client is going to want a number of sessions because, like I said, this is a cumulative effect. What I do, it’s a layering process that’s important to understand.

I have packages that vary in size from five sessions up to 30. Most find that somewhere within that, you know, 8 to 15 session range is is sort of that sweet spot where where, you know, people are really inventing, reinventing themselves. That’s where profound changes can happen. I don’t think everybody needs that many sessions. Certainly not, but several for sure.

And for some people, especially because you can share the packages with family members, I would say the vast majority of my clients do choose packages that allow at least ten sessions. So much progress can be made that way, but rarely one. What I’ll sometimes see is once people have made all the changes that they want to make with me because there’s no maintenance required, I do find that maybe a third of my clients choose to keep coming in, but rather than once a week, which is typical, they might start coming in once a month or once every couple of months or a few times a year. Not because they need it, but because they miss it. And and the sessions are so enjoyable and very, very positive.

There are those clients of mine who do enjoy I wouldn’t call it a refresher as much as just sort of a renewal of those positive thoughts and re-establishing in case there’s been any drifting away, you know, back towards bad habits, which would be rare, but a way to just keep them, you know, keep them moving forward in a very healthy direction. That’s a good question. Thank you.

Okay. This is a good question. A very common one is how does this work when it comes to getting rid of a bad habit? And I guess the best way for me to answer that question is to is to help you understand that what we’re doing at the core is replacing old ways of thinking with new ways of thinking.

It’s like you could say it’s rewiring your brain. It’s not, of course, rewiring your brain, but the effect could be like required like like it’s rewiring your brain to a more healthy thought process. We know that how a person thinks determines how they feel, that how they feel determines how they behave. So whether it’s drinking issues or smoking or marijuana, whether it’s nail biting or or hair twirling or whatever it might be, once we change that old way of thinking, once we remove that old automatic default that you’d like to get rid of what it does, it replaces it with a new automatic default, a new automatic way of thinking, which of course will then change how you’re feeling, which in turn then changes how you’re behaving, how you’re coping with life, how you’re dealing with the ups and downs and the relationship struggles and the work stress and the school anxiety and just, you know, the stresses of life in general.

Life is stressful for for most people. And so what we’re doing at the very, I guess at the very core is changing the thinking. And that in turn removes the habit itself. Excellent question. Thanks.

Okay. So the next question, do I really need to book my free consultation? Well, no, you don’t need to, but here is the answer You really should. Two things happen at the consultation. And by the way, it’s it’s no charge. It’s complimentary. 30 minutes.

You can bring anybody along with you. Many people like to have someone there for support. Some don’t. Everyone’s different. But two things happen at the consultation.

Number one, you get to know me a little bit. I think it’s important. I know it is to feel comfortable with whichever professional you’re choosing to feel at ease to enjoy their company, the feeling in their office, even the parking situation at the office. It’s the overall feel you have to feel comfortable. You know, when you’ve seen over 3400 people like I have and have all these success rates and and testimonials, hundreds of them now, positive ones, it really doesn’t mean anything if you’re sitting on that couch in my office not feeling at ease. So we’ll get that out of the way one way or the other.

But number two, I explain exactly what I do, what hypnosis? What hypnosis is, what hypnosis isn’t. Why my success rates are where they are. It’s not magic. It’s not a coincidence. We’re not getting lucky somehow. And it just working. There’s reasons why this works so well and so quickly when so many other of the therapies out there that everyone has pretty much tried doesn’t have that same level of success rates.

What makes this so different? I’ll explain that. I’ll go through the different packages that I offer. I’ve got my stop smoking for good package. Of course, that’s my five session tried, tested and true package. I’ve got that that package that I’ve got four other packages that I call family packs because anyone within your family or circle of loved ones can enjoy sessions do with me on their own with full confidentiality. Of course, there’s a five session, a ten session, a 15 and a 30 session package. I’ll go, I’ll go through those. Then of course, I answer all your questions. So what happens is you leave that consultation with a really very, very clear, detailed understanding as to what I do, who I am, why this works, how it works. I think that’s vital. Plus, keep in mind, too, when you actually come in for your first real session, we’ve already kind of gotten to know each other, so you’re already more at ease. And if you just started right off the bat, some people can do the consultation by phone. If you feel that’s more convenient or you’re coming in from a longer distance, we can do a phone consultation. Some people just jump right into the sessions. There’s a demand that I’m not going to say no, but the consultation I think is a really good, really smart first step.

So this next question is when we’re you know, when they say, if I only had a nickel every time I got that question, this is one of those questions. And the question is how the heck does that stop smoking program work? I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Okay. So keep in mind, I have heard that literally over 1000 times, probably 2000 times, maybe more. Of course, the consultation, which I want you to book, it’s free. It’s 30 minutes long. It’ll explain that in detail. But here’s the best answer for a quick audio clip. The reason why it works is because I address the issues that all the other so-called cures don’t. And by so-called cures I mean the patch, Nicorette, Champix, Zyban, laser, various sprays and different, you know, all these things. 75% of my clients who come to me to quit smoking, it’s been over 1000 people. 75% of these people had already tried pretty much everything else. It didn’t work. These things don’t work. Cold turkey too rarely works. You come to me, it’s a five session program. It’s called Stop Smoking for Good. I’ve designed it. It’s it’s truly unique in itself. No one else does it the way I do it. No one else does it at all. Quite frankly, it’s five sessions and you’re weaning off the cigarette over the five sessions. I’m not ramming it down your throat in some one session. Magical cure. It’s a process coming in once a week for those five sessions. Each session has a very specific purpose. It’s in a very specific order for a very specific reason. And somewhere between the end of session three and the session five, you never know when it’s going to hit, but it does.

The cravings are gone, the urges are gone, the desires are gone, the appetite for it is gone. This mindless habit, which is really what it is, and this emotional relationship with the with the cigarette, which is also really what it is. Those things are gone. All the other cures, so called cures don’t address those last two huge components. One, the mindless habit. You know, when I wake up, when I have a coffee, when I put on the tea kettle, when I’m driving, when I finish a meal, when I take breaks at work after lunch, when I get home from work, when when I step outside in the evening before bed, there’s all these mindless triggers, those so called cures don’t address the mindlessness of it. And they certainly do not address the love affair with a cigarette. This emotional relationship with with a cigarette, which is also what it is.

So what’s happening is I’m addressing the 95% of the issue, plus the nicotine aspect of it, where all the other cures are only dealing with the nicotine aspect of it, which is a very, very tiny component of the problem. That’s why those things don’t work. It’s not that you’ve failed, it’s that those are those those modalities failed. So book that consultation. It’s life and death stuff. It’s too much money wasted on literally, you know, going up in smoke. And with me the cravings are gone, the urges are gone. You just couldn’t care less about them anymore.

Okay, So this is a question I get from so many people who, you know, are desperate to lose the weight and keep it off. And the question is basically, how does this work? Is it a diet? You know, that’s the kind of question I would hear on almost a daily basis. It’s certainly not a diet. It’s actually I call it the anti diet. There’s a reason why 95% of people who diet in that, whether it’s Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or Dr. Bernstein or Herbal Magic or, you know, even, you know, diets like Keto or South Beach, etc.. There’s reasons why 95% of people on those diets gain all the weight back and then some. It’s there’s reasons why that is. And I think the main reason if I really want to dig deep here, the real reason is because diets are only addressing the food. They’re telling you what not to eat and what you should eat. And they want you to eat their foods and not eat your foods. And don’t snack on those things and stop eating chips and cheesecake and and and, you know, and pasta and stop eating pizza and muffins and you’ll be fine. Well, yeah, but it doesn’t quite work that way because we want to enjoy life. We want to enjoy the foods that we love.

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to lose the weight. I prove that every single day in my office. The reality is, is diets aren’t accepting the fact or even or let’s say they’re not addressing the fact that that weight loss in fact, obesity in itself isn’t really an eating problem. It’s an emotional problem. It manifests itself in eating issues, whether it’s lack of willpower, sugar addiction, mindless eating, using food to comfort you, overeating, binge eating, you know, sort of it manifests itself in eating issues. But at the core, it’s emotional, even the lack of exercise motivation. And of course, we know that anxiety, depression, negativity, anger, guilt, those negative emotions, pad weight on especially around the midsection. So I cover this from all three aspects. One, the eating issues to the exercise motivation issues, and three, the negativity, the anxiety, the depression issues, that type of thing. So it’s very holistic. You know, you see commercials on TV for noom. Noom. What I do is sort of noom on steroids. I take it to a very higher level, a more personal level. But they they’ve got it right. They understand what I understand, which is that this is all emotional. So my clients lose, you know, typically a pound and a half to two and a half pounds per week.


It’s steady, it’s consistent. It’s the it’s the pace that actually leads to long term weight loss. I want to know what your goal weight is or goal size. And we work to get you there. What you’ll find is you’ll start to lose interest in those foods. And I’ll want to know what those foods are. By the way, you will lose interest in those foods that you know are padding on the rolls of fat, adding on the extra weight, and you’ll start having more interest than foods that are helping you get slimmer and healthier, making a feel better and look better in your clothes and and, you know, in social situations and, you know, in your romantic life or, you know, wherever it might be. So, again, it’s very holistic. The weight comes off. It remains off. Some people like to maintain sessions with me over years coming in once a month or two. It’s not required, but some people really like that. What I do is the healthy way. It’s the right pace. You’re not having to give up your favorite foods that will never, ever work. So book that consultation, Come on in. Find out exactly in detail how so many people, over 1200 now have come to me to lose weight and are very happy clients.

Michael in Brooklin

I was smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day forever. Tried a thousand times to quite Failed every time. Don't we all? Matt explained at my consultation that there was a reason why all those things didn't work and why THIS does. Over my 5 sessions, my interest in cigarettes just faded away. By session 4, it was just about over. The last session ended it. I don't even think about them anymore. Hypnosis is easy and was nothing like what I expected. I am sending a bunch of people to Matt now.

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