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Stop Smoking for Good

Matt's Specialty: Over 70% of Matt's clients have tried the Patch, Nicorette or Champix. Many have tried all 3. Almost have all have tried quitting cold turkey, and in fact did quit, at least for a time. Yet, they still end up

at NEW YOU Hypnosis with Matt Bloom. This program is for those who want to stop...for GOOD. This works. Over the course of these 5 powerful sessions, you will simply lose interest in tobacco products. The so-called "devil" sitting on your other shoulder who absolutely does NOT want to quit smoking, simply vanishes. This has you not only as a permanent non-smoker, but you emerge from this program with greater energy, making better decisions and becoming healthier, calmer and in control, not to mention setting a better example. You will no longer puff away the good life. (3 and 5-session Programs available)

Matt's Comment: This experience is quite a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and not only saves each of my clients many thousands of dollars every year, which otherwise literally go up in smoke, but it saves lives. This is NOT a temporary fix! Please text or call...(289) 404-5323 to set up your free 30-minute consultation. Thank you.

Weight Loss: Fit Mind, Fit Body

This Program is mainly designed for those who have tried a variety of means to lose weight, and yet have failed. The vast majority of NEW YOU clients have tried the big-name diets, the injections and the herbal pills and potions. 

However, they end up in Matt's office. It is documented that 93% of those who attempt these other programs gain all their excess weight back...and then some. There is a very good reason why this is so. At NEW YOU with Matt Bloom, you are guided on a journey that results in your goal weight being your natural, healthy and maintainable weight, and not some artificially low weight that you achieved through some bizarre, unenjoyable, and by the way, very expensive means. With Matt, the focus is on mindful eating, common sense, exercise motivation, food quality and confidence building. Ego strengthening, self-recognition, self-control, letting go of the past and boundary-setting, and more, can also be addressed. This program follows the weight-loss guidelines of all the most respected nutritionists and medical doctors. You will lose weight in a healthy, consistent manner that does not harm you in any way. It is NOT a diet. (5, 10, 15 & 30-session Family Packs available)

Matt's Comment: What my clients tell me they appreciate most about this program is that it is not about yoyo dieting, deprivation, starvation and endless rules and weigh-ins. Simply put, It is about getting in touch with your inner self, rewiring your thinking about eating (and drinking) and excercise, letting go of the past, embracing the New You, and enjoying my sessions and watching how life now unfolds. Please text or call me...(289) 404-5323 to set up your free 30-minute consultation. Thank you.

Release Anxiety & Negativity and Stop Self-Sabotage

What makes this series of sessions exciting is that Matt firmly believes, as do his clients, that this is about letting go of the past and moving forward.

Matt leaves the long-term therapy of digging into your childhood and your past to other therapists. The beauty of Matt's sessions is that it is 100% about making the rest of your life a happy, healthy and calm one. You will leave Matt's office with a sense of empowerment, positivity, confidence and hopefulness that was not fully there before. The things that used to affect you in that same old way, simply won't get to you anymore. Everyday, your nerves, will become stronger and steadier, your mind calmer and clearer. This program can seamlessly be combined with Stop Smoking for Good, and with Weight Loss: Fit Mind/Fit body. Other areas that can be addressed also include...Depression, Bad Habits, Alcohol Issues, Worry, Temper, Peace in the Family, , Unforgiveness, Guilt, Procrastination, Nervousness, Ego Strengthening, Setting Boundaries, and Fears & Phobias (5, 10, 15 & 30-session Family Packs available)

Matt's Comment: This area is so rewarding for me. I have been through much of these feelings first hand, so I very deeply relate to those who come to me feeling hopeless, sad and stuck. In fact, it was my own series of losses and extreme sadness that brought me to hypnotherapy in the first place. The one thing I think my clients will now all agree with is...It is not the events in our lives that make us the way we are...It is our REACTIONS to them. The Self-Sabotage ends! These sessions allow your subconscious mind to be at the forefront as you develop new, healthy ways to cope with life., overcome every obstacle, and meet every challenge in wonderful, peaceful and loving ways. 

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