...with Matt Bloom

Teens and Young Adults

Since February 2008, Matt has been certified to work with teens. He connects well with this age range and enjoys offering young people the chance to make some changes before the wrong-thinking and destructive behaviors become too entrenched. Areas where Matt can be extremely effective are the following:

Anger & Temper


Low Self-Esteem

Eating Issues

Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

School Stress

Exam & Homework Stress

Concentration & Goal Setting

Fears & Phobias

Matts Comment: Working with young people is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my practice. Young people tend to have such vivid imaginations and that is a wonderful trait. My sense of humour and deep empathy seems to gain their trust immediately. It is not about what their parents want for them, as much as it is about what THEY want to achieve, and the changes THEY want to make. It is truly amazing to listen to a teen or young adult who may not be sharing much at home, share with me so many of their dreams and aspirations. Then they begin to fully believe in themselves and their potential as they grow into healthy, happy, fulfilled adults.